Painters Now blends old world painting craftsmanship with modern paint technology to deliver quality Painting and Deck Staining that will have a lasting look of beauty for years to come. Our Professional House Painting Company knows the ins and outs of the trade. As a Commercial and Residential painting contractor, we do our own work and do not sub contract. Paint contracts interior and exterior, start to finish are completed by our team of in house painters who on average have 20+ years experience in the industry.

Painters Now Paint Process

Start with a Free Painting Estimate. Our company begins by inspecting the areas of the house to be painted. Critical aspects regarding the job are covered including your needs, pets or any special instructions. A variety of material options will be offered with guidance in selecting the best product suited for your project and budget. Our color swatches hold hundreds if not thousands of colors to choose from. We take time to find the one just right for you!
  • Free Painting Estimate
  • Paint Color Consultation
  • Schedule
  • Prompt and Professional
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Detailed Clean Up

Interior Painting Company

Interior Painting Companies generally focus on quality or affordability. Why Sacrifice one for the other? Painters Now is a premium quality interior painting company with affordable pricing. Techniques include Two Tone or Custom Paint Designs, Accent walls, Mural Painting and more.

Exterior Painting Company

Exterior Painting Companies face a separate set of challenges. Sun and Rain can leave your house or deck stain looking old with faded or peeling paint. Not only unsightly your paint is the last line of defense between your houses exterior wood or metal. If left unfixed many times leading to costly structural repairs.

Deck Staining Service

Deck Staining Companies in our region face 4 season climate. Deck staining is suggest every 2-3 years depending on the environment. Shaded decks tend to allow algae growth and other molds that feed on your decks wood. While Sun exposed decks tend to dry out allowing moisture in and can rot your deck from the inside out.