Centerville deck staining before and after pictures. We used a Redwood Naturaltone which was a close match in color although it was hard to tell from the fading. Some of the more colorful characters we had met in a while, an older married couple in there 80’s that lived jointly in Ireland and the US. They were leaving Centerville soon and headed back over seas to manage their other house and  needed to get pressure washing on the whole house and deck as well as the deck staining quickly so they could attend to other matters. Painters Now was able to come and give a free estimate on Sunday and begin work mid day on Monday. We did need to let the decking dry after the cleaning so it was a 3 day process. A picture speaks a thousand words. The before shows the deck that had not been restained in many years and had begun to dry out and rot. We put 2 nice coats of the redwood naturaltone stain on it to help get its water resistance back up to speed and it was good to go. Being very satisfied with the work  they had us come back out the following spring when they returned and paint every wall in the interior of the house and do a few small handyman projects.

centerville deck staining company after centerville deck staining company after

We really enjoyed getting to know them more over the week it took to paint the interior. They regularly forced us to stop working for tea and a chat. He had been a painter-artist for many years and had quite a collection of paintings not only of his own, but that of other painters as well. With stories to match for all of the separate pieces and other worldly items they had collected over the years. As a tip for the painting job well done he included one of his smaller framed paintings as a gift which still hangs in the office today.

artistic painting