Centerville Painter Gallery by Painters Now. Our painters came in and under a week and put 2 fresh coats of paint on the interior of this condo. The darker mauve colored room required 3. The end results were fantastic. We used Valspar Signature ( valspar ultra at the time prior to rebranding by the company) eggshell interior. The new colors really toned down and softened the interior of the condo, giving it a more open and inviting feel. Our clients own and rent this condo in Centerville, but had let the long time tenant paint the interior walls while they were living at the property. Knowing the paint colors were not suited for all future prospective tenants they wisely wanted to give it a more palatable wall color. Painters Now did not retain the paint color as it was a custom beige, but we supplied the house owner with the left over interior paint which will let our painters or any other painters in future know what is needed via the paint code.  This is one of many properties owned by them in centerville and Painters Now has been their long term solution for getting the ready for new tenants. We even maintain them maintenance wise and do all the minor repairs needed.

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There was a funny not so funny story attached to this interior paint. The houses owner had contracted a handyman to do some plumbing in one of the tubs in the hall bath. As we were working there at the same time I saw what happened first hand. After pulling the tubs drain the helper turned the water on, which I thought was odd. The main contractor came running up the steps to the second floor unit, but it was to late. They had run about 1 minute of full on water into the lower level condos ceiling. Bad for them, but good for us. Not wanting to contract any new work with the handyman we were called upon to do some minor drywall repair in the ceiling of the lower unit, oil prime and paint the ceiling. It could have been a lot worse, but in the end all was well.