Deck Staining Company

Deck Staining Company-Services for exterior fence-deck staining or painting. Decks and fences made from real wood look great and can last for years.  A well stained deck or fence that is reapplied every 2-4 years can have a life span upwards of 30 years. The type of wood that was used and environmental conditions also play a large role. With the cost of lumber and replacement cost going up it not only helps keep your houses deck looking good, but it is a sound investment. Need more information about our Deck Staining Company?

deck staining company

Deck Staining Services

Painters Now list of fence-deck staining services.

  • Power Washing
  • Solid
  • Semi-Transparent
  • Transparent
  • Water Sealer
  • Deck Repair
  • Fence Repair

Deck Staining Contractor

Deck staining contracts are all handled in house by Painters Now team of professional paint contractors. We do not sub contract any of our projects. We pride ourselves as paint contractors and our ability to deliver quality stains at an affordable price. We don’t need high price estimates like ones from our contracting competitors to do well. We keep our overhead low, work efficiently and pass those savings directly on to our clients.

Deck Staining Materials

Materials have changed over the years. In previous decades the practical wisdom was to use oil based materials. The heavy cost to the environment not only from the stain itself, but also from the solvent used to clean brushes and tools with. Luckily advances in polymers and water based products have all but caught up. With  Superdeck and a host of others leading the way. Solid colors in particular seem to be the emerging trend. With the ability to custom tint to any color imaginable.

Deck Staining Tools

Though there are many methods choosing the proper tools is critical. A pressure washing company needs to use the proper pressure and sprayer tips designed to get the wood clean without harming it. The Most important part is the application. We do not use sprayers for deck staining. Mainly because sprayers produce a thinner coat that will not last as long and have trouble filling crevices and damaged areas. We use the traditional brush method with specially designed brushes made to release with a nice even flow.


To make things easy we also offer deck repair. If you have an exterior fixture long enough it is bound to have a rotted or loose board in need of attention. Painters Now has you covered.

painter deck staining

Deck Stain Companies

With so many good deck stain companies out there we decided to make a short list of our favorites.

  • Sherwin Williams®
  • Bher®
  • Olympic®
  • Thompson Water Sealer®

The companies are ones we have used and trusted to protect our homes for years. Here are some examples of semi solid colors. They generally are transferable to all the different types.


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