Exterior house painting-Bellbrook, Ohio. Our clients custom house was located in one of the premiere neighborhoods in Bellbrook. A large 2 story with cedar siding and trim. The rear of the home was probably the most challenging aspect. The steep slope overlooking Sugar Creek didn’t give us much flat ground to work with and required more than the basic ladder setup. Before our exterior painters started the house painting we repaired several pieces of the cedar siding along the front of the home and gave it a good power washing to remove any algae or loose paint including the decks. The exterior hadn’t been painted in a few years and was beginning to show noticeable wear. On the east side, unlike the rest of the houses painted exterior, was in direct sun light and had begun to peel and fade. After the paint consultation we selected to go with a exterior solid stain for the paint with Russet Brown as the color. We felt like it was the best suited for the range of conditions on this specific house and would help reduce future peeling issues on cedar siding more so than traditional paint types. The homeowner was leaving in a few weeks for vacation and we were able to schedule the exterior painting in that time frame to avoid any inconveniences. They were so happy about the paint job when they got back they called to let us know the first day back, scheduled some interior painting and gave our name to there new neighbor that had just moved to Bellbrook as well. The next year we had the privilege of doing that exterior painting and deck staining as well. We didn’t manage to get pictures for the painter gallery from that job, but you can see it on the right in some of them from this project. We did a quick run around of the previous paint while we were there, everything was still looking as good as when we finished the exterior.

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