Exterior Painting Company

Exterior painting company-contractor offering exterior painting, deck staining and pressure washing. Painters Now keeps your house trim, siding, decks and other exterior surfaces protected and looking great. Exterior painting companies face different challenges when completing exterior house painting projects. Weather is always a factor. Landscaping obstructions and the houses lay relative to the land also play a large part. Heights can also become an issue with some 2 story house peaks reaching upwards of 30 feet. Our exterior painters are well versed in ladder work and the set-ups necessary to do the job properly and safely.

exterior painting company

Exterior Painting Services

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  • Exterior House Painting
  • Business Painting
  • Deck Staining
  • Fence Staining
  • House Pressure Washing
  • Caulking
  • Door Painting

Exterior Paint Contractor

Exterior Paint contractors offer a special perspective when it comes to painting your house. Our painting company knows home owners are worried about protecting their investment. Fancy names and other sales tactics can leave many homes owners at a loss. Painters Now helps by decide which materials will last and those that wont. In addition to using premium coatings and primers we regularly review new materials and supplies.

Custom Exterior Painting

Custom exterior painting can set your house apart and bring life to your neighborhood. Hand selected color palettes designed to give your home or business that special touch. It could be as simple as using an accent color for the entrance door, shutters or trim to give your house that extra curb appeal. A company can truly benefit from this as well. Grab your customers attention from  the competitor with a wall mural or signage.

Mural Painter

Mural paintings can have a dramatic impact on your Company or Community Non-Profit projects. Images let you convey multiple or complex messages to people in the blink of an eye. It could be something as simple as a giant red arrow pointing to parking or an elaborate thought provoking piece of art.

  • Signage Painter
  • Business Murals
  • Window Art
  • Community Non-Profit

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Exterior Color Ideas

What colors to use on your house or business? Exterior colors are seemingly more important than interior painting, because everyone else can see them. So making good choice is paramount. We provided a few here to get you started. More are located in the Painters Now gallery section on the main page. If one sparks your interest let us know and we can hand tailor it to personal taste.

exterior painting contractor

exterior house painting

exterior painting company


Painters Now only uses premium quality materials. Different materials are used depending on the clients application. They are all are 100% Acrylic with a limited lifetime warranty to protect against the elements and keep your house looking great. 30 year paintable caulk for gaps and cracks in siding and trim boards and 100% clear silicone around windows and doors. Oil based primer ensures a proper seal of bare unpainted areas and that the final coat will adhere properly and not cause premature peeling.


Prep is probably the most important aspect of the job and we take it seriously.

  • Detailed Scraping
  • Caulking
  • Repairs
  • Oil Priming


Tools provide the means to the end. Sharp steel scrapers and wire brushes aid in removing any peeling or loose existing coatings. Quality brushes with filament mix of Nylon, Chinex and Polyester hold the heavy bodied products best and release smooth for a nice cut. Full sized rollers and mini-rollers are used with lint free pro grade naps to ensure a clean even finished surface.