free painting estimate

Free Painting Estimate

Looking for a free painting estimate-quote? Painters Now Painting Company provides Free painting estimates for all clients. Estimates are quick and detailed. Many times we are able to give prices on the spot and will send a formal copy to your email or home address the same day. Scheduling your estimate time is easy. We do our best to work around your work and other activities to make it as convenient as possible. Free estimates are honored 2 years from the date on the estimate.

Free Painting Quote Includes

  1. No Hidden Fees– Honest up front cost. Variable items are listed as such
  2. Prompt– Your time is important to Painters Now
  3. Detailed– We cover all aspects of the work being estimated.
  4. Color Consultation– Initial color gathering and consultation.
  5. Professional– Concise easy to understand language and layout.
  6. Quick – Formal Estimates are delivered in 1-2 business days.

Estimate Covers

The detailed information we will be looking to gather.

  1. Surface Condition– We take note of any gaps, cracks, peeling or defects.
  2. Scheduling– Estimates are a great time to discuss timelines
  3. Paint Materials– We cover the different paint options
  4. Discuss Expectations– Understanding the level of painting desired

Services Estimated

You can learn more about our Exterior Interior Painter services. We have also provided a quick list if your just looking to see if what offer estimates for.

Still not sure where to start? Give us a call directly and we will help get the ball rolling! 1-937-361-8131