Interior-Exterior Kettering Painters Now project before and after. Our client was in a time crunch. Having come into town with only 2 weeks to remove the items from the house, get it painted and listed for sale. They called us on a Thursday and we were able to give a free painting estimate, which was approved and begin work the following day. The exterior painting including the garage door, soffits and screen door had not been done in a while. To bring the exterior back up to par we used 1 coat of Turkish Coffee in an exterior satin, luckily we finished this first, because it rained everyday for the next week following. Our painters then focused on getting the interior changes needed. Much of this was in the garage, which is a commonly neglected area of the home. We did a full ceiling repaint in 1 coat using pure white in a flat paint and primer.  Painters Now  always use this as the best option for covering stains and or yellowed ceilings. It give you the best chance of getting it to a proper paint finish in 1 coat, although sometimes a second coat of paint is still required. We did a custom color match on the walls to ensure good coverage and repaired numerous minor drywall cracks-imperfections prior to applying the coating. The results speak for themselves. Another concern was the bold yellow kitchen. In order to give a more salable toned down look we also painted this with pure white which in gives the future prospective buyers a good starting point. It did require 2 coats using an interior satin paint and primer. The for sale house listing

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