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Interior Painting Company offering house interior wall, trim and ceiling painting including custom interior designs or murals. Whether your sprucing up your houses interior for a childs room, holiday parties, home sale or just to liven up the the space with some new colors we can help. Our interior painters are trained to cover every aspect of the task at hand. Understanding the clients needs the painter spends time to asses any obstacles or issues that would pose a challenge to completing the interior painting process. Wall condition, furniture positioning, stairs, difficult setups or vaulted areas are also taken into consideration. We can then properly estimate the painting at hand.

interior painting company

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Interior Painting Contractor

A interior painting contractors perspective can save you time and money. We generally suggest obtaining a free painting estimate in home consultation prior to purchasing any materials. Interior paint companies employ marketing and sales tactics that are designed to confuse purchasers by using fancy names and high prices. Not all are created equally. High prices don’t equal the best quality. We  selects products we feel are worth the cost and of premium quality. Routinely we review new items, application methods and tools to keep our interior painting company on the cutting edge.

Custom Interior Painting

Not all interior painting companies offer custom painting designs. Our team pride themselves their ability to create stunning room designs. Unique colored accent walls, custom two tones, custom designs or murals take a basic house to the next level. Whether your adding a custom designed four color palette for your formal dining room or just spicing up a living room with a new accent wall, our painters have you covered. Check out the home sections for some pictures of our work or to learn more about our painting company.

Interior Mural Painter Artist

Mural Painter-Artists partner with our company to offer stunning custom original art work directly in your home.

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  • Murals for Kids Room
  • Murals for Business
  • Live Art for Special Events
  • Abstract or Artistic Murals
  • Creative

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House Color Ideas

What interior house painting ideas and colors to use? Ideas can sometimes be hard to come by. We have provided a few examples from previous projects to help get you started. If you see an idea you like here or in the gallery let us know and we will work with you in finding something that is just right.

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Materials are one of the most critical aspects of the house painting process. Choosing which finish best suits your room is the first step. Eggshell, flat, satin and semi-gloss are the most common. Several options will be offered for the client can choose from. Cost, durability and performance are all major factors. We help select the right paint for your project. Information on the different materials can be found homepage via online selection tool section. It describes the details of the various types and also aids in selecting the right color.


Tools have changed a lot in the last 20 years. We use a variety of  tools on our jobs. We do not paint with sprayers. Sprayers in some circumstances could be time saving. We believe this comes at the cost of quality. We use the traditional brush and roller method exclusively. Brushes that we use, Purdy® and Wooster® they offer exceptional quality and finish. Roller Naps are just as important, as is the size. Depending on the job requirements we use 3/8″ or 1/2″ roller naps made by Purdy®.


Our company starts with detailed wall prep. Most walls have minor dings and holes produced by nails and screws. We fill or spackle all holes then sand to smooth finish. Repaired areas are primed before paint. This ensures a consistent texturing and color uniformity during the final process. Walls can also have unwanted protrusions or uneven wall texture. Our Company applies several methods in solving these issues. These simple steps ensure we produce a premium quality job time and time again.