Kettering Exterior Painting Company-Painters Now job photo gallery for exterior trim paint and pressure washing. The before and after photos show the difference a fresh coat of paint makes. Kettering Ohio has many larger homes and it is easy to see why this painting task was not taken on by the homes owner. High peak trim with most of the fascia and soffits being better than 20 foot tall or located in several hard to reach areas above the roof line. Our painters were able to complete the task with minimal distraction in a little over 4 days. Using tall ladders to reach the peak trim and careful planning and drop clothes for the roof work. Safety is a priority for Painters Now as well as being prepared for the worst case. Every employee is insured and covered by workmans comp. This not only ensures a back up for the painters should something happen, but protects the home owner from any liability while are company is painting the house.

During pressure washing the home owner had also requested that we clean the gutters on the second level or above the roof line. We were able to get the gutters emptied and sprayed out with the pressure washer. Maintaining your homes water shed system is critical for multiple reasons. Not only does it protect your house from flooding, but it prevents water from rolling over the gutter and with water tension rolling onto the trim, under the roof onto the soffit and eventually rolling down the exterior walls of the house. All of which greatly diminish the life span of exterior paint and allow algae and or mold to grow both lead to unsightly house exteriors.

The trim was custom matched using their old paint left overs from another store, but was close to sherwin williams marshmallow in color.

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