Two tone interior paint job we finished this spring in Kettering, Ohio for a new client. They had a outside spigot pipe leak in the wall, sections of the interior wall were removed during the repair as well as the carpet and trim. The homeowner had reinstalled the drywall board, applied tape and 2 coats of mud. Having had concerns with the outcome, they gave our painting company a call to finish the interior work and do some painting. We were able to finish out the drywall and match the repair to the existing paint texture  fairly easily.

two tone interior paint before two tone interior paint after

Although the remodel was unexpected they did decide to go with a custom blue and cream two tone paint design to give there child a cool new bedroom. The homes owner had already purchased 2 gallons of Valspar Reserve interior paint and had that on hand as well as a gallon of kilz oil stain blocker for the last part of the project. We broke the paint line at chair rail height on the walls using green painters tape. Although a more complicated process were able to complete the painting portion of the work in a half day. The cream went on well in with 1 coat coverage, but the blue took a little finessing and a hand full of touch ups to cover in 1 coat.  Still amazing coverage given the color change. The final thing we did that day was paint the floor with the kilz sealer stain blocker. With the water damage that had already occurred and the asbestos tiles in place the homes owner just wanted to make sure everything was sealed and neutralized from contaminating the new carpet or rooms interior after installed. Worth the time and money to sleep better.

After we left our clients installed the new baseboard trim themselves and had the carpet installed. When they had called me out later in the summer to do some pressure washing on the back patio and some fence staining they had me come back in and paint the closet interior to match the bedroom. I snapped the picture above and they were also kind enough to send me the first one which is a better angle to add to the Painter Gallery. It really turned into an exciting new room for their son.