Oakwood Deck Staining-Painters Now project pictures for a new client in 2017. The home owners had moved to the Oakwood, Ohio home a few years prior and after updating some more pressing items it was time to get the deck staining back in order. This deck restore presented several challenge, high levels of shade for most of the day on 80% of the deck and the near by tree separating them from the Oakwood Golf Course was a constant source of debris and food for the mold and algae that love these environments. The only portion of the deck that seemed to be saved from this was the sun room on the lower level which although needing stained had remained algae free and intact. Painters Now was able to get the deck pressure washing done chemical free with some extra effort in one long day. We do not have pictures, but we also cleaned a large brick wall surround the driveway to freshen it up. We did a color match that was somewhat difficult with out having any samples to bring into the store, but were able to get something close using our color charts. Super deck in Analytical Grey ended up being the final choice. All the railing was stained over a period of a few days and the vertical decking was stained in 2. Per our instructions the client opted for applying a second coat of stain on walking surfaces and the tops of handrails to help restore the deck and protect it moving forward. It took a little over 5 days, but the results speak for themselves. The home owners were thrilled with the restoration results and the deck staining before and after pictures speak for themselves. We advised them to blow the deck off at a minimum weekly to help extend the decks life and keep it looking good. Call Painters Now for your next Oakwood Deck Staining job!

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