Paint Companies

paint companiesPaint companies supply Painters Now Paint Company with a variety of paint types and finishes to work with. Our top 10 list of paint companies-manufactures compares their products, distribution and tells a brief history of the company. Often times clients ask, Who makes the Best Paint? Well the answer is not so easy. In 2017 paint companies use a variety of materials to produce both high end premium paints and low cost paints. Most companies also employ teams of market strategist with the sole purpose of branding their product as the best covering or most luxurious on the shelf. Providing names like cashmere, signature, ultra, SuperPaint can conflate the issue. Rebranding is also common place as you will read below. We will help you get passed the marketing and give you our honest review for each listed paint company below. We are constantly reviewing new materials and techniques to try to maintain an edge against the competition and perform to the best of our abilities. As Material lines come and go we will adjust our review article accordingly. Until then this is our 2017 list of Best Paint Companies: Sherwin Williams-Valspar, Behr, Porter, Olympic, Glidden, Benjamin Moore, PPG, Royal and Clark & Kensington.

Sherwin Williams Company

paint companies sherwin williams

Sherwin Williams Review the company started on 1866 in Cleveland, Ohio with the vision of co-founders Henry Sherwin and partner Edward Williams. The company structure and reach has grown since its humble beginnings to incorporate many new aspects of the paint Industry it is still best known in America by its distribution stores name, Sherwin Williams Paints.



paint companies behr

The company Behr was literally started out of the back of a station wagon in 1947. Founder Otho Behr Jr. was selling wood stains when in collaboration with his chemist far created a redwood stain. The new formulas propelled them into becoming a house hold name with in a few short years. Behr products are sold exclusively at in the US and Canada at Home Depot stores.


paint companies porter paint

Porter Paint Company started in 1921 supplying durable fade resistant quality finishes. A division on PPG a leading coating manufacture on a global scale. They sell full lines of Interior and Exterior products for residential and commercial painters through their network of paint stores.


paint companies glidden

Glidden was formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1875 by Francis Harrington Glidden, Levi Brackett and Thomas Bolles. Their humble begins as varnish makers for everyday items and the buggies of the day quickly lead them to opening what was billed at the time as the worlds largest paint manufacture by opening a new plant on 17 acres in 1908. Much like Porter Paints they are currently owned by PPG, but are sold through various home improvement and hardware stores across the US.

Benjamin Moore

paitn companies benjamin moore

Benjamin Moore ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in 2001 and 2012 by JD Power and Associates. Benjamin Moore is based in Montval, New Jersey, but was founded in Brooklyn. Currently owned by Berkshire Hathaway  they sell there Interior and Exterior coatings through there self branded store across the United States. Benjamin Moore‘s first product was, Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish.

PPG Paints

paint companies ppg paints

PPG paints are a combination of Glidden, Porter and Pittsburgh Paints. PPG strategically operates from store fronts coast to coast boasting over 3000 stores as of 2017. Some are Independent companies, but most wear the PPG company brand. A true global leader in paint manufacturing.


paint companies royal paint

Royal Paint company brand sold though Ace Hardware chain of improvement stores. Latex based products for Interior and Exterior. This is not a brand we can recommend or say is not worth a try as we have yet to personally test the products at Painters Now.

Clark & Kensington

paint companies clark kensington

Clark and Kensington paint is sold through Ace Hardware Company store, but will be supplied and produced by Valspar. We have used the paint and primer interior on 2 projects in 2017 and found them to be easy to work with and average color coverage for similar products.


paint companies valspar

Valspar company has changed hands many times of its over 200 year lifespan. Although started under a different name, Valspar was choose as company name in the early 1930’s. Currently owned by Sherwin Williams after a recent purchase in July 2017 for a cool $9.3 billion. Paint lines like Valspar Ultra and Valspar Signature leading the way and can be found at Lowes home improvement store across the country. One of are more highly rated products we use and Rated by Painters Now as best interior wall paint. We especially like the eggshell.

Olympic Paint Company

paint companies olympic

Olympic Paint Company is one of several sub-divisions of the PPG coating conglomerate. Olympic products can be found at Lowes, Walmart, Sears and Menards to name a few. While we do not usually apply their paint company products we are fond of the Olympic Stains for decks and fences.