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Painters tips and reviews can save headaches, time and money. The Painters Now team has learned a lot during our long careers and have made a study of our craft. We have tried and reviewed almost every paint product imaginable looking for the best paint materials, brushes, rollers, tools. Our techniques and methods have been honed over years and we are glad to share or painter tips-reviews with our clients.

Paint Review


Paint, types-finishes come in many different varieties. Each paint companies produces several types to offer a selection and to aid in specific applications. We give you a full run down Paint, the types, producers, stores and pricing as well as any other related items.


Painter Tool Reviews

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Painter tools are just as important as the material. With out quality tools painter jobs can be left streaky, uneven or out of reach. We go over the ones we like and what they are good for. Using the proper tools for the job can save unneeded second coats of paint saving time and materials.

Painter Tips


Methods passed down from one craftsman to another, from father to son and improving with each successive generation of tradesman. New painter tips, ideas and approaches being added a long the way. Some of them are so simple you wont believe you didn’t think of them already!