Painters Tape

Painters tape is not all created the same. Tape adhesion properties vary as does the price from one company to the next. Having the proper painters tape for the job at hand is important also for the success of our painter company.  This article compares the differences in the types of painters tapes and there intended uses. This will help guide you in purchasing the correct one for your personal projects and hopefully answer any questions you might have.

painters tape

Which brand makes the best painters tape?

By implying there is a best painters tape is to avoid the real question. Which painters tape is best suited for your particular purpose?  We tend to use 3M tapes because they have a consistent product that we can count on from every roll no matter what store we purchase it. Scotch Blue equal to or on par with 3M mutli-use in application and ability, but found less frequently on store shelves, so we will set it to the side for this comparison review.  Frogtape Painters Tape is also one we always carry in our vehicles for strategic usage. Both make several varieties of tape and we will discuss the pros and cons of each.

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3M Multi-Use vs Platinum Safe Release

3m multi-use blue tape can be purchased in single rolls or combo packs. We like the multi-use because it serves 90% of our needs perfectly. Very little edge bleeding when applied properly and a material thickness that is flexible, but still has a fair amount of rigidness for creating wide barriers. Ideally suited for baseboards, door knobs or other surfaces you are looking to protect.

Recently in their combo packs they have been including a free bonus roll of Platinum Safe Release. We had just stocked up and thought it would be nice to take some out to the next job and see what it could do. I’ll have to say we was not impressed. It did have good adhesion, maybe to good, but the problem we found was that the material it is made from had somewhat of a rubber texture to it. When the baseboards were being done this allowed the tape to have some stretch to it. This made it harder than usual to lay properly where the wall meets the baseboard and also created slight tension causing it to want to roll over the molding instead of remaining ridged and creating a paint blocking shelf like the Multi-Use does.

FrogTape Painters Tape

Frogtape painters tape is newer to the market, a little gimmicky, but was quickly adopted by painters and stores. They are sold in single rolls and packaged in a resealable plastic case. The case helps protect the tapes edges, but primarily acts to keep the adhesive side from drying out and keeps it fresh. We have found the Green version to have all the same qualities of te blue 3m product, but with a superior ability to stop almost all edge paint bleed. It is a bit more expensive than the others so we save it for special wall designs like two-tone or walls that have to 2 room colors and meet on an open faced wall. It always leaves a clean crisp line and releases easily.

We tried the Yellow “delicate” version they offer on a handful of occasions. It is not the easiest to work with. The low adhesion tack that makes it delicate also means it doesn’t want to stick well and can fall off prior to or during the painting. When that happens it can lead to big problems and is the main reasoning in sticking with the Green FrogTape for painting.

Painters Tape Tips

If you follow these simple tips it can save a lot of issues with your next painting project.

  1. Do Not Buy Generic Painters TapeYou never know what you are going to get. Generally the edges leak paint which leads to unprofessional looking outcomes.
  2. Remove Painters Tape Immediately- After your done painting it is critical to remove as soon as possible. Even with wet walls. This ensures the line with break clean and not want to peel the completed walls. In some bad cases usually when the tape has been left in place a month or longer the tape completely seals-embeds itself into the surface becoming nearly impossible to completely remove. The walls will never be the same. 
  3. Double Check Your Tape Work- It is always important to get a crisp clean edge with out wrinkles. Even as pros we always go back and give it a once over prior to starting. This ensure any issues can be resolved and disasters can be averted.