Pressure washing can do wonders to bring your homes painted areas, decks or other permanent fixtures back to looking there best. Below are a few before and after pressure washing projects completed by Painters Now during the beginning of the 2018 working season. Although pressure washing your home is an often overlooked project it can have a dramatic difference in over all look and appeal not only to the homes owner, but to the surrounding neighborhood as well. Increasing the over all appeal of your home also helps to ensure maximum sale potential and prolongs your existing painted surfaces life.

Pressure washing in Kettering Ohio, our client project consisted of large vinyl sided side of the house, but also included the gutters and a few small sided sections on the rear of the home. The main cause of the algae growth causing the unsightly stains was the large trees shading the area in combinations with clogged gutters. Our client was looking to list the home this spring and was concerned it may effect the sales price. Painters Now cam out and in 1 removed all the existing algae, dirt and grime, cleaned the gutters and removed all the extra stick debris and moss from the lower roofing. What a dramatic change and a very satisfied client.

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The next power washing was a new client that also lives in Kettering. Although a similar issue (and north facing side of the house) the algae had embedded itself firmly in the mortar of the in the bricked areas of the wall and the foundation. It took us a little extra work due to the nature of the project, but as you can see the results of the power washing speak for themselves.

pressure washing brick pressure washing foundation pressure washing house before pressure washing house after

Our company also provides pressure washing in Centerville Ohio. During a recent exterior painting and as with the vast majority of exterior repaints we started with a whole house pressure washing. While our employees were doing the washing they noticed a brick wall that was particularly shaded and had developed a large amount of algae growth. As a courtesy to the long time client we included washing it at no addition cost. We like to go the extra mile and try not to tack on charges for small things we can easily help with or notice during our painting services. Check out the pictures from the Kettering House Painting.

pressure washing concrete