Washington Township deck staining painting- Painters Now photo gallery. This deck was a slightly more involved staining process than usual. Although we have seen other decks in the past with the same problem it is not usually the case in Washington Township were property values are high and house owners tend to care for their properties better. What had happened was the previous owner had passed away and the children and or grandchildren who were willed the property had let the deck go many years with out applying stain or painting it. That combined with the ivy they had let become over grown at some point had likely covered the decking trapping moisture and cause premature stain wear. In our opinion once they realized they were going to sell the place they removed the vegetation, but did not properly pressure wash or scrape the deck to any great degree which it was in dire need of. Then instead of staining the deck it was painted with a spray rig and some cheap paint to give the appearance of being up to date for the house sale. We highly recommend never using paint to stain your deck, especially not cheap paint as well as having it applied by hand and not a spray rig. Spraying stain looks good, but it leaves an inferior mill thickness when compared to other application methods. Deck stain is also designed to adhere better to wooden deck surfaces and maintain the walking surfaces. Stain also resist peeling and flaking better than paint. Once the houses new owner came to realize the condition they gave Painters Now a call. Our painters were able to come out and give it a solid pressure washing that it needed and near a full days worth of scrapping later we were ready to stain. Much of the old paint literally came off in sheets and or peeled off in a rubbery mess. We did a custom color match to the existing deck and used Super Deck by Sherwin Williams to restore the deck. The results were astounding.

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While the client had us out at the house they asked if we could do some minor exterior repairs in the form of a few woodpecker holes on some of the wood siding and the interior of a architectural arches that had been taking on some water near the outer portion. Once we repaired the damaged areas we put on 2 coats of  Super Paint exterior satin and painted the currently blue arches with the color Chinchilla by Sherwin Williams. This toned down the front of the house while also giving a tasteful pop to arched area.

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